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    Preconstruction Services
  • Provide recommendations on construction methods, materials, procurement and installation
  • Assist client (and contractor) in developing project schedule
  • Provide recommendations on the assignment of responsibilities for temporary facilities, equipment, materials and service on the project
  • Assist client in developing project budget with continual updates throughout design
  • Complete constructability review and make recommendations concerning types and quantities of labor required for the project
  • Assist in obtaining information for equal employment opportunity programs
  • Promote bidders interest in the project and establish bidding schedules
  • Receive bids and make recommendations to the client
  • Advise client of acceptability of subcontractors and material suppliers
  • Identify and assist in the procurement of long lead-time materials
Construction Services
  • Provide administrative, management, and related services; coordinate scheduled activities and responsibilities of all parties to the project
  • Conduct construction progress meetings
  • Design and monitor safety programs
  • Endeavor to obtain satisfactory performance from each of the subcontractors
  • Prepare project application for payment
  • Receive certificates of insurance for contractors and subcontractors
  • Record progress of the project; submit written progress reports; keep a daily project log
  • Report status to client
  • Coordinate quality assurance and quality control programs
  • Monitor and update project budget
  • Arrange for delivery, storage and security of project materials
  • Coordinate the completion and correction of the work
  • Make recommendation when the work is ready for final inspection
  • Prepare a final application for payment and project closeout
  • Complete a final/warranty walkthrough